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Specialist harp courses

  Ruth Faber Harp Courses

Schools & Universities where Ruth Faber teaches

  Bath Spa University
  Bristol University
  Junior Guildhall
  Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
  Wells Cathedral School

Orchestras where Ruth's students have successfully auditioned

  National Childrens’ Orchestra
  National Youth Orchestra

Harp Shops

Unless stated otherwise, the following businesses can supply harps, sheet music, accessories and strings
  Adlais (harp music publisher)
  Bow Brand (harp string manufacturer)
  Creighton's Collection (harp music publisher)
  Holywell Music
  Clive Morley Harps
  Pilgrim Harps
  Salvi Harps
  Telynau Vining Harps


  Ben Creighton Griffiths (harpist)

Other Links

  Creighton's Collection - Specialist harp music publishers & online music retailers who also provide IT services to musicians

Contact Ruth...

Contact Ruth Faber

telephone:   01225 873855
mobile:         07813 613134

Ruth Faber
Photo courtesy Allianz